Whales of Potosi Research Project

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Your gift will leverage over $100,000 in grant, government and corporate funding, and make it possible for us to complete our five-year research program, reach more than 1000 students in 2018, continue developing ecotourism in Guerrero, and facilitate an exchange between local fishermen and fishermen in Baja, California, where decades-old conservation programs have brought ecosystems back from the brink of collapse.

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Oceanic Society Tax Deductible Donation ButtonMake your check payable to Oceanic Society and BE SURE to write Whales of Guerrero Research Project in the memo section and send it to:

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All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law thanks to the generous fiscal sponsorship of our friends at the Oceanic Society. We will send you a receipt of your donation for tax-purposes.


Long term funding goals:
In addition to supporting ourselves with on-going donations from people like you, we are also pursuing grant, corporate and family foundation support for 2015 through 2019.

We partner with the Oceanic Society to bring VIP tours to the area to participate in our research expeditions and explore the region through a biologist's eyes. These tours, along with grants, sponsorships and donations from people like you, will help to support both the region and the project in the future.

Check out this year's expeditions and ecotour offerings here

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