Whales of Potosi Research Project

On January 18-19, 2016, 24 guides and fishermen from Barra de Potosi, Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa and la Mahahua attended a two-day whale watch training program with us. They received an extensive education on humpback whale biology, behavior, ecology, migration, best boat practices andregulations. They are now the local leaders in marine biodiveristy ecotours and we recommend that you support safe, informed whale watching by going on a trip with them!

If you go with one of the guides below and would like to arrange for a bilingual early career marine biologist/naturalist to be onboard the boat, share our scientific process with you and answer questions contact one of the guides above and request that they send a member of the Whales of Guerrero Team out with them. We charge 600 pesos for naturalist services on marine tours. We need at least one week's advance notice to make sure we will have a person available for this service.

Trained tour guides are:

Zihuatanejo & Ixtapa:
Abel Cortéz Zepeda (Zihuatanejo, Boat: Gran Jefe II; English: Yes) - 755-557-1093
Aguazul Sport Fishing (Amanda Leyva Martinez and Alberto Martinez, Zihuatanejo) - 755-121-7174
Ángel Macias Ortiz (Zihuatenajo) - 5514239203
Fredy Hernández Vázquez (Zihuatanejo; English: Yes) - 755-120-0931
Héctor Orihuela Hernandez - (Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo; English: Yes) - 5570072577
Javier Pérez Sosa and Pablo Mendizabál Reyes (Adventours Ixtapa; English: Yes)- 744-104-7392 and 755-101-8556
João Gouveia & Luis Alejandro Bello Diaz (Zihuatanejo; Website: Dive Zihua; English: Yes)- 755-102-3738 & 755-111-0701
Victor Cano Martinez (Zihuatanejo - Pura Suerte; English: Yes) - 755-108-1285

La Mahajua:
Samuel (Samba) Núñez Albarrán and Timoteo Núñez Albarrán - 755-101-3054

2016 Barra de Potosi Trained Safe Whale Watch Guides

Please support successful, educated guide services by going on a 4-hour marine wildlife ecotour with a trained guide.

You will look for and learn about rays, turtles, dolphins and whales during the trip.

The fixed Barra de Potosi certified whale watch coop price is:

1-3 people: $120 USD/2100 Mexican pesos
4 people: $160 USD/2800 Mexican pesos
5 people: $200 USD/3600 Mexican pesos
6 people: $240 USD/4300 Mexican pesos

Bilingual biologist services cost $35 USD/600 pesos extra.*

Drinks, safety equipment, snorkeling equipment are included.

*If you would like to have a Whales of Guerrero Research Project volunteer accompany you as a biologist/translator between January - March 18, the cost is 600 pesos/$35 USD and goes directly to the volunteer biologist. 5 days advance notice is required to make biologist/translater arrangements. Contact Andrea García Chavez at 55-3114 2770 if you want to arrange a trip in English with a non-English speaking guide OR contact any of the guides below and request the services of a biologist/translator in when you are booking your trip.

Barra de Potosi's Trained Whale Watch Guides of 2016 are:
Abel Organiz Bañuelos
Speaks English: No
Adelaido Adelaido Martínez Bello
Speaks English: No

Antolín Albarrán Navarrete
Speaks English: No

Arturo Mellín Mandujano
Speaks English: A little (~15%)
Francisco Angel Francisco Angel Pérez Chavarría
Speaks English: A little (~25%)
Gerardo Gerardo Gonzalez Abarca
Speaks English: No
Giron Miguel Girón Verboonen
Speaks English: No
Omar Omar Zarate Herrera
Speaks English: Yes
Orlando Orlando Banuelos Nava
Speaks English: A little (~25%)
Rodrigo Rodrigo Pérez Chavarría
Speaks English: No

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