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Whales of Guerrero Research Project was built on the support of hundreds of true believers

We cannot achieve our goals without the help and support of our community!





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We offer whale blows, applause and our deepest gratitude to all who have made tax-deductible donations to support this project:

2018 Supporters

Breach Supporters ($1000 – $5000):

  • Barbara and Gunnar Erickson
  • Greg and Dot Hoskin
  • Karen and Peter Locke
  • Gordon and Liz Fulton
  • Alison Alstrom’s Yoga Retreat
  • Your Name Here!

Tail Lob ($500 – $999) :

  • Gary Boyer and Mike Foy
  • Bill Akin
  • Kevin and Shannon Owen
  • Your Name Here!

Fin Slap ($250 – $499) :

  • Elizabeth Audley
  • Bob and Jane Nagel
  • Kathy and Trey Brown
  • Patricia Indictor in honor of Steve Cruze
  • Your name here!

Spyhop ($150 – $249) :

  • Stuart Sellars
  • Roz Topolinsky
  • David Anderson
  • Jan Cetto
  • Grace Amoroso
  • Your name here!

Flukes ($1 – $149):

  • Jacquie and Dave Cattanach
  • Karen and Peter Locke
  • Meredith and Randy Dittmar
  • Bob Huff
  • Sue Yasko
  • Jo Falcon
  • Wendy Donohue
  • Sarah Lehn
  • Meg Storey
  • Christy and Sandy Price
  • Stephanie Spencer
  • Grace Amoroso
  • Jo Ann Fridy
  • Barbara Jackson and Charles Wade
  • Debi O’Brien
  • Your name here!

Thank you to all who have supported us since we began in 2014:

Adam Murdoch and Chris Bateman, Adrienne Klein, Alessandra Vivacqua, Ali and Naomi Zerriffi, Ali Avendano, Alison Alstrom’s Yoga Retreat Group, Amanda Castleman, Amy Gittlemann, Amy Holman, Andrea and Andy Marks, Andrew Foster, Andy Batt Studio, Andy Wex, Angela McCallum, Anmarie Trimble, Anonymous, Aquanauts Club of Sandy High School, Ariel Kempf, Asociacion para la Conservacion Ambiental de Troncones, A.C., Atlantis Riddle, Autumn Kendrick, Ava O’Laughlin, Barbara and Gunnar Erickson, Barbara Jackson and Charlie Wade, Barbara Soulsby and Ian Niven, Bill Akin, Bill Dewlaney, Brandy Howard, Brian Mork, Brienne Wasmer, Bruce Mantei, Bryce Poehlmann, Caitlin Magner, Carole and Stuart Sellars, Casita Ecovegana, Cheryl Kozicky, Christine Karawater, Christy and Sandy Price, Cindy Klinger, CJ Page, Constance Weisbroth, Crys Peterson, Dave and Jacquie Cattanach, David Haury, David Leventhal, Deb Hansen and Holly Bayer, Denise King, Diana Montero Melis, Diane Winram and Gord Ellwyn , Dianne Collette, DioneStolarski, Dot and Greg Hoskins, Elana Dobson, Ekaterina Smirnova, Elizabeth Aron, Elizabeth Audley, Elizabeth Horan, Elizabeth Hyer Rose, Eva and Preet Chopra, Eve Audley, Evelyn Audley, Ferd Bergholz, Gabriela Quintero, Gary Boyer and Michael Foy, Georgia English, Gigi Elsmore, Gina Hensley, Glenelg Country School, Gordon Fulton, Greater Good, Harvey Amster in Honor of Michael and Shayana Amster, In memory of Genevieve Windsor, Heather Angell , Hillary Glenn, Hogle Family, Hollister Family, Holly Bayer and Deb Hansen, J Alex Sanger, J C Dietrich, Jack Cripps, Jane and Bob Nagel, Jen Audley, Jen Hecht and Jen Woffinden, Jen Kilcoyne, Jennifer Wedel, Jill Edwards, Jim and Susan Audley, Jimi Mamou , Jo Falcon, Joao Gouveia, John Dziak, Jolene and Wayne Maes, Joseph White, Josh Meney, Joy Gray, Juan Luna-Kelser, Julia Reodica, Julie and Bob Mills, Julie Wakeman0-Linn, Junhong Choi, JustGive, Karen and Doyle Pratt, Karen and John Sutton, Karen and Peter Locke , Karen Knoebber , Kathleen and Eric Doherty, Kathy and Trey Brown, Kathy Nordberg, Katie Pugh, Kelsey Clausing, Kevin and Shannon Owen, Khamoor Poehlmann, Kim Gilbert, Kirk, Sue, Robbie, Chris, Heidi, Mia and Wesley Patrick, Kristin and Richard Angell, Kristina Malsberger and John Sanders, Lars, Eric and Sarah Eng, Laura Kelly, Laura Woosey, Laurel Patrick, Len and Dione Stolarski, Leslie and Rick Johnson, Linda and Jim Webster, Lisa Martin and Seymour Mondshein, Little Family, Logan Duin, Lori and Patrick O’Neill, Lori Denson, Lucas Mears, Luis Gonzalez Medrano, Luke Lukoskie, Lynda O’Neill, Lynette Koftinow, Lynn Wong, Margie Boehmer, Mari Smultea and Dave Steckler, Mariana Salas Pinon, Sofia Rodriguez Pruneda, Alejandro Rodriguez Prudeda, Mark and Riley Breier, Mary Preis, Mary Tagliaferri, Meerna Homayed, Meg Storey, Melissa, Bobby and Charlie Robertson, Mercedes Oliveros and Dieter Paas, Michael Amster, Michael Joyce, Michael Reppy, Mike and Donna Dee, Mike Gannon, Mike Olsen, Misty Post and Kevin Ward, Myra Clements, Nathan Roder, Nicole Lampe, Nick Wolf, Nisa Stroh, Nova Boyce, Pablo Mendizabal, Pat and Bob Grandinetti, Patti Bateman, Patty Ginochio, Playa Viva, Prasad Cuisine, Rachel Bennett, Randy and Meredith Dittmar, Randy Eskelin, Reimann Family, Rhonda Dorsett, Ricardo Rendon Cepeda, Rita and Eugen Hepting Sanchez, Robert and Chase Miner, Robyn Hodges, Ron and Liam Bodkin, Rona and Clay Edmunds, Roz Topolinsky, Ruggiero Family, Sallie Baierlein, Sallie Seltzer, Samaria Jaffe, Sandra and Frank Mendel, Sarah Knoebber, Sarah Steven-Hubbard, Sean O’Feery and Nieka Rahe, Shannon Coburn, Shari Chapman, Sharon Ryals Tamm, Sharon Wood, Sherry Griggs, Soren Chopra, Squishymedia, Sue Yasko and Benita, Summer Corwin, Sustenta, Teri Jackson-Sattler, Terra Hanks, Tess Stewart, Tim and Sharon Marriot, Tommy Hanks, Travel Graphics International/Stuart Sellars, Trent and Lori Keller, Trisha Allex, Vicky Robin, Wayne and Jolene Maes, Weissman Family, Wendy Donohue, William and Julie Wagner, Yolanda Hary, Yoori Yoori

Local partners in project development, sponsorship and actualization:

Dept. Environment Zihuatanejo; Capitania del Puerto Zihuatanejo; Oficina de Convenciones y Visitantes Zihuatanejo; H. Ayuntamiento de Zihuatanejo de Azueta, Guerrero Mncpl Regicuria de Turismo y participacion social; Instituto Municipal de Ecologia; Mexican Navy; Universidad Autónoma de Guerrero Unidad Academica de Turismo; Dept. of Environmental Education of the Municipal Gvt. in Zihuatanejo; Asociacion de Hoteles de Ixtapa Zihuatanejo; Dive Zihua; LOOT; Ecocasita Vegana; Ecotianguis Sanka; Zihuatanejo Sportfishing Coop; Petatlan Tourist Coop; Barra de Potosí Fishing Coop; La Union Fishing Coop; Cooperativa de Ecoturismo Barra de Potosi; Cooperative de Ecoturismo Zihuatanejo; 12 schools in Barra de Potosí, Juluchuca, Petatlan, Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa, Troncones, La Mahajua; Barra de Potosi Comisario; Library Barra de Potosí; Amigos de Playa Blanca; Friends of Troncones; Playa Viva; Gente Viva S. de R.L. de C.V.

Additional groups who support and inspire us: