Timeline and Events

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Upcoming Events

Whales! Of! Fortune! Fundraiser
September 7, 2019, 6-9 PM.
Lagunitas Community Room
237 NE Broadway St, Suite 300, Portland, OR 97232
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A WHALE of a night to raise funds for the little whale project that could!
Tickets $20 (includes delicious food, tasty drinks, & lots of fun!)
Enjoy Lagunitas beer and Pearl Vintner wine
Devour savory Mexican food
Witness rare and exciting performances by Surprise Guests!
Play loteria and win prizes!
Meet the Amazing Creator/Director of Whales of Guerrero
Drink beer, win prizes, save the planet!
Join us on September 7, 2019 from 6-9 PM at Lagunitas Community Room for a fun-filled fundraiser for the Whales of Guerrero.
Play loteria (Mexican bingo) and win fabulous prizes! See beautiful and inspiring videos about the work a Mexican community is doing to restore the ocean and keep whales safe. Thrilling entertainment abounds with the Delphinettes! Enjoy the refreshing brews of Lagunitas and delicious Mexican delicacies.
Hot Fun in the Summertime!
Whales of Guerrero creates sustainable solutions to a collapsing fish population in the small rural village of Barra De Potosi, Mexico through whale research, hands-on science, education and community development programs. This work is a model for small fishing villages in Mexico and coastal communities around the world; empowered local leaders are making these changes happen! We need your help to keep this positive work moving forward. JOIN US.
When you win, the whales win!

American Cetacean Society LA Chapter Talk
September 24, 2019, 7:30-9 PM
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
John M. Olguin Auditorium
3720 Stephen M White Dr, San Pedro, CA 90731

Audubon Monterey Chapter Talk
October 8, 2019


2019 Project Activities 

  • Community-led empowered leadership program
  • Safe whale watch training and support program
  • Sustainable ecotourism training and development
  • Citizen science research expeditions
  • Fishery and Conservation Leader (FCL) development work
  • Community-guided vision and strategic planning process
  • Scientific results presented at World Marine Mammal Conference (Barcelona)
Recent Activities
  • Participatory vision-making and planning process for Whales of Guerrero with community, Board and Advisors May 2019
  • January-March 2019 – 100 hour whale survey
  • February 2019 – Fishery and Conservation Leader Learning Exchange in Baja
  • Responsible Ecotourism training and development programs
  • 2000+ kids participated in marine biology programs in 12 schools
  • 250+ kids participated in field-based science programs
  • 30 kids conducted in-depth photographic nature study
  • Safe Whale Watch Training Program December 2018
  • May 2018 – Present 5-year study results at SOMEMMA (National Marine Mammal Science Conference) in Tabasco
  • May 2018 – Planning trip for Fishermen’s learning Exchange in Baja
  • January – March 2018 – 300 hour whale survey
  • September 2017 – Scientific Advisory and Project Partner Meetings – Mexico City
  • 22-28 October 2017–Society for Marine Mammalogy Biennial Conference – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Project work presented in Halifax:
Marine mammal monitoring in the Southwest Pacific state of Guerrero, México. Andrea J. García Chávez, Terra Hanks, John Calambokidis, Elana Dobson, Luis Medrano González and Katherina Audley

Site fidelity and association patterns in rough toothed dolphins in the Southwest Pacific state of Guerrero, Mexico. Victoria Pouey Santalou, Katherina Audley

Behavioral responses of marine mammals to drones. Eric A Ramos, Brigid Maloney, Nataly Castelblanco-Martínez, Iain Kerr,Andy Rogan,Katherina Audley, Marcelo Magnasco, Diana Reiss.

Migratory destinations of humpback whales that feed along the US West Coast: Implications for management under the newly recognized Distinct Population Segments. Gretchen H. Steiger, John Calambokidis, Paul Wade, Katherina Audley, C. Scott Baker.

  • November 2017 – Presentations for Hotel and Tourism Professionals in Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo and Playa Blanca
  • November 2017 – Zumba para las Ballenas Fundraiser. Ixtapa
  • January 3–March 15, 2018: Season Five!
  • 2018: January 26 – February 2 – Oceanic Society Volunteer Vacation Expedition
    Hop onboard this Volunteer Vacation and come play marine biologist with us! Secure your spot here