Virtual Whale Fiesta 2021

Virtual Whales of Guerrero Fiesta and Fundraiser
March 11, 2021 8 PM Central Time; 6 PM Pacific Time

Team members and project friends will give you a glimpse into the amazing programs, people and animals we love to support.

Featuring online exclusive performances by Rodrigo y Gabriela and the online world premiere of “Music for the Animals” by Gabriela Quintero, this special evening will have you dancing with delight in your living room.

It is our goal to raise $10,000 USD to keep whales safe, communities united and oceans healthy in Mexico and around the world during this special evening. 100% of your tax-deductible contribution during this event will be used to keep our programs afloat!

Event Information:
Thursday March 11th at 8 pm Central / 6 pm Pacific.
Estimated length: 90 minutes.
The event will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.
Bilingual (English and Spanish)
For ticketholders: How to access the event


  • Introduction to Whales of Guerrero with hosts and special guests
  • Video highlight: Empower Women, Heal the Earth
  • Song for the Animals Premiere: Kiriku by Gabriela Quintero and special guests
  • Video highlight: Whale Guides: Frontline Protectors of the Sea
  • An exclusive song and message from Rodrigo y Gabriela
  • Our big, beautiful vision and how you can help
  • Song for the Animals Online Premiere: Motitas by Gabriela Quintero and special guests
  • Virtual cocktail and Q&A with the hosts and special guests