Plastic Use/Greening our region

We see firsthand the impact that plastic has on our sea life and our beaches everyday that we are out on the water. As a research team, we are committed to minimizing our plastic use by avoiding the purchase of items containing or contained in plastic whenever possible. The average plastic bag gets 12 minutes of use before it gets discarded. Our team reuses our plastic bags until they are rendered unusable every time.

We sell reusable metal water bottles as a way to support our project and to educate people about ways to avoid plastic. Want to buy a nice metal water bottle with the Whales of Guerrero Research Project that will also reduce your plastic bottle use? Visit our online store here!

Guests on our Oceanic Society expeditions receive one of these nice bottles as a part of their expedition.

Plastic straws and Styrofoam are ubiquitous in our region because they are convenient and affordable. We serve as liaisons between our green partners in Ixtapa and the restaurant owners in Barra de Potosí to source ecofriendly alternatives and hope to support the reduction of plastic and Styrofoam use in Barra de Potosí significantly in the next years