Barra de Potosí’s Young Champions of Nature Program

One of the most recurrent and inspiring messages we received during our Whales of Guerrero vision making and planning session with the village of Barra de Potosí in May 2019 was that local kids have fallen madly in love with nature thanks to our programs and they want to do more, go deeper and take concrete steps to restore it.

How could we say no to that!

WoG team member, Avimael Cadena, together with the Whales of Guerrero team and a band of dedicated young naturalists mapped out a plan to reduce garbage in the village in 2019 and 2020.

The plan included creating signage, clean ups, reducing plastic use in the village and raising awareness among residents and visitors.

Inspired by last year’s trip to Baja and the mangrove nursery project we visited, Avi also spearheaded an ambitious effort to plant 700 endangered mangrove seedlings with the kids in next 6 months, as well!

The kids who worked with Avi on this program are now becoming the environmental and social leaders in our community. We continue to meet and work with them every week to support their growth and development as empowered, responsible leaders and stewards.

Please help our team and the children of Barra de Potosí to restore our endangered lagoon and make Barra de Potosí the sparkling natural wonderland it was meant to be with a tax-deductible donation to our project.