Adopt a Whale

Adopt one of our whales!

The opportunity to name and adopt a whale is an incredibly special and memorable experience and we would love for you to have the honor of become a whale’s patron. It has been a delightful and meaningful experience for friends to name whales in honor or memory of loved ones, and when individuals, families and school classes have raised funds to name and adopt a whale they become connected with that animal for life! When you name and adopt a whale, that name becomes associated with the whale forever and your name is added to the whale’s ID records as your whale’s patron and human protector.

We offer two fun ways below for you to become adopt a whale Choose which way inspires you most!

Oceanic Society Whale Adoption Partnership

We partner with Oceanic Society to offer symbolic whale adoptions, which help to support our research, education and community development work. 50% of the adoption proceeds go directly to supporting our project and the other 50% support the work of Oceanic Society.

What better gift could you give someone than a whole WHALE for a year or two years? What better way could you commemorate a loved one than by naming a whale after them? When you adopt a whale through Oceanic Society, we let you know when we spot your whale again and connect you to your adopted animal and by extension the entire ocean.

Find out more about adopting a whale here:


HappyWhale Whale Adoption Partnership
HappyWhale is a 31,000+ strong database of humpback whale tails and through HappyWhale, you can identify which whale you’d like to name and adopt! You can choose one of our very own unnamed Whales of Guerrero whale here or find an unnamed whale that is special to you and we will work with you to give that whale a name, enter your name into HappyWhale’s database for all the world to see. 50% of adoption fees through HappyWhale support our project and the other 50% go to keep the team at HappyWhale hard at work tracking and reporting out on whales around the world. This massive database is a testament to the power of citizen science, collaboration and is making a significant contribution to our understanding of humpback whale movements and migrations not only in Guerrero but around the world!

For this incredible privilege, we ask for a minimum donation of $500; please contribute more if you can! Here’s your link to donate and adopt a whale through HappyWhale.

What to name your whale?
Our favorite names are memorable, unique and relate to something visible on the tail of the whale. Think creatively — what do the patterns and shapes you see in the whale’s tail inspire? Avoid common names like ‘Nick’ or ‘Scar’; this name will be with the whale forever and we’ll always send you updates whenever we learn anything about your whale!

Once you’ve adopted a whale, be it through HappyWhale or Oceanic Society, you will receive automatic alerts when that whale is spotted again as it travels around the world.

Thank you so much for your support!