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Organizer / Educator / Administrator

Full time January 1, 2024-May 1, 2024
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The Whales of Guerrero is searching for an organizer/educator/ administrator with experience in education, communication, community work and marine mammal science to join our tiny but mighty team of environmental ambassadors.

The ideal team member for the position we are looking for will be a friendly, agile, efficient, dedicated person, with a taste for community work, extensive communication, administration, technological and digital skills; with the vision and openness to perform multiple tasks; from dedicating their time to coordinating a whale welcoming ceremony at the beginning of the season, to serving as a bilingual naturalist on community empowerment projects, to analysis and management of citizen science data contributions, file management or spending time with local kids teaching about marine mammals in a way that is characterized by kindness, trust and openness.

Our candidate ideal for this position will have a demonstrated track record in environmental education, community work, clear understanding of science and a talent for organization, coordination and administration at the many different levels that the project requires.


Whales of Guerrero is a non-profit organization located in the state of Guerrero, lying in the peaceful southwestern Mexico, and serves the communities of Barra de Potosí, Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa and surrounding areas with the mission of connecting people with nature through programs that inspire, empower and motivate.

Founded in 2013, Whales of Guerrero has put Guerrero, Mexico on the map as a whale watching destination through its community-based science, education and community development programs and we are committed to continuing to support the region as a place that prioritizes marine health, wildlife and thriving, connected human communities.


Goals of the project:

The goals and activities of the Guerrero Whales are determined in partnership with our community and collaborators. In 2023-2024, we will partner with our local and global community to achieve the following:

  • Contribute to a better comprehension of the structure, abundance, distribution and dynamic of the whales humpbacks and others mammals marine that migrate and reside in the region.
  • Foster good relationships and provide tools that allow healthy community development and  support our network of trained captains. Raise awareness about best whale watching practices, ecotourism, behavior and biology of humpback whales among boat operators, tour guides, educators, residents and visitors. Support the creation of a community-driven and -led whale monitoring network.
  • Promote educational programs among residents of Guerrero and the surrounding community, at different levels; on local marine megafauna to motivate lasting changes towards a healthy marine ecology.

The activities that we will perform in 2023-2024 to reach our goals include:

  • Educational programs during the season (in the field, in the classroom and online with age groups between 6 and 14 years old)
  • Serve as experts on marine mammals
  • Facilitate the unity and training of our network of licensed whale watching guides, who serve as frontline advocates for the safety and well-being of marine mammals through training programs and support the development of a monitoring network.
  • Create a series of events, ceremonies and celebrations of whales and other marine animals that aim to spotlight and support the conservation of marine wildlife.
  • Assist direct and indirectly with the development of sustainable ecotourism through training, facilitation, promotion and programmatic offerings.
  • Assist direct and indirectly with support the development of women’s empowerment programs.
  • Assist with the creation of a community center.
  • Collection, organization, analysis and reporting of opportunistic data collected via citizen science.
  • Publicize and promote best whale watching practices for a variety of audiences, physically and online.

The main projects that this position will dedicate time to during 2023-2024 are:

Educator for Safe Whale Watch Practices: Support the development and application of different education programs. Support the development of education and outreach activities for children and young people through recurring educational activities, talks, presentations, workshops, etc. Develop and disseminate bilingual safe whale awareness materials to a variety of audiences (tourism professionals, private mariners, and members of the public (residents and visitors, foreign and domestic) through talks, physical brochures, physical exhibits, radio programming, television and networks social.
25% time 

Guide / naturalist / Supportor of ecotourism and empowerment activities: Support as a bilingual nature interpreter during land and sea activities, expeditions and excursions as well as assist women’s empowerment programs of Barra de Potosí.
25% time 

Event coordinator: Assist in the development of the closing events of the whale season and logistical and administrative assistance in the development of the 2024 Whale Festival.
20% time 

Assist in management and coordination of opportunistic whale science data: Assist in the management of year-round opportunistic marine mammal data in a database; review and correct data with other team members, and summarize results in an annual report.
10% time 

Marine Mammal Monitoring with Citizen Science: Develop and disseminate a bilingual marine mammal data framework to a variety of audiences (unlicensed and licensed whale watching professionals and on-water guides, residents and visitors) through presentations, advertisements, programs and distribution materials.
10% time 

Assistance in the ongoing operational needs of Whales of Guerrero: Assistance and support in the development of activities related to the daily life of the project.
5% time

Support additional projects, networks, social media and communication needs of staff and team members as needed.
5% time


The ideal applicant will demonstrate verifiable experience in environmental education, scientific environment, genuine talent and appreciation for community organization, coordination and administration with ease in connecting with nature and society.

  • Strong preference for national (Mexican) candidates. Foreign applicants will be considered if they have demonstrated fluency in Mexican Spanish with a job history in Mexico and a long-term commitment to the region.
  • Bilingual (Spanish / English). (Spanish: 100%; English: 70%)
  • Strong technology skills (Comfortable learning new software, programs and technical protocols. Proficiency in Microsoft Suite required. Desirable: Graphic design skills and Adobe Creative Cloud)
  • Solution oriented
  • Training and experience related to education / environmental education / communication / field science
  • Enjoy interacting and communicating with a variety of audiences and personalities ranging from children to members of underserved rural communities, government officials, project supporters and ecotourists.
  • Able to work long hours in complicated and challenging environments. Physically in shape enough to walk at least 5 kilometers in a tropical environment without shade and work up to 8 hours in the open sea on a small uncovered boat.
  • Ease in data collection, entry and analysis as well as database maintenance.
  • Detail oriented, teamwork and able to work individually with responsibilities within the project.
  • Ease in creation and maintenance of organizational and administrative systems
  • Flexible
  • Independent and self-motivated
  • Ease in public speaking, writing and real-time translation
  • Positive attitude
  • Enjoys being a team player
  • Loves whales, dolphins and marine wildlife in general

Terms of the position:

This is a full-time contract position extending from January 1, 2024 to May 1, 2024 with a potential opportunity to continue based on project needs and initial experience.

The schedule is fifty hours / week from January through March and  twenty hours / week in April and May. One day off per week between January – March and a minimum of two days free per week in April and May.

Payment is proportional to skills and experience and includes one week of paid time off between April and May, upon request with at least two weeks for approval by the project coordinator and director.

This position reports to the General Project Coordinator and works closely with 2-3 other full-time team members and up to 10 volunteers during special events.

To apply:

Interested candidates please send a letter of interest pointing out relevant experience, professional goals and the reason for your interest in working with Whales of Guerrero together with your CV and two references to: Enrique de Luna: with subject: “Application for BdG position, “full name of the applicant”

We will accept requests for this position until the 23:59 hrs of the twenty of December of 2023, Zihuatanejo local time.

For further information about Whales of Guerrero, please visit:


Instagram: @whalesofguerrero

Download position description here (Spanish only):