Volunteer Whale Spotting

Volunteer: Whale Spotting

Join our network of 300+ volunteer whale spotters in the region and help us learn more about our humpback whales!

If you were on the beach or on a boat and just spotted a whale, please send us a text message or email right away! Chances are we are on the water and will be able to find out if it is a whale we know.

Please tell us:

  1. what time/date you saw it 
  2. where you were located
  3. how many you spotted
  4. what direction it was traveling
  5. does it appear to have a calf with it? What was it doing?

Contact us at: 755-127-1583 (Mexico local cell phone) or 1-415-847-7295 (US mobile) or send us an email at katherina@whalesinmexico.com