Book a tour with a trained guide

Whale Watching: Book a tour with a trained guide

We have been offering two-day intensive safe whale watching and safe dolphin watching programs in Guerrero since 2014. Trained guides gain access to a whale spotting network, allowing them to work together to find whales and to coordinate to give the whales space.

Working with a trained guide increases your chances of finding whales and dolphins and you will have the security of knowing that the animals are not stressed by your presence. Whales and dolphins can be dangerous, even deadly, but with respect a culture of respect for nature, we are developing  friendships with the whales and dolphins in our region.

Whale watch prices range from 2400 pesos – 9000 pesos ($120-$350 USD) for the boat, depending on the captain and the boat. Contact the captains below to make a reservation.

If would like one of our bilingual naturalists to join you on your tour, contact one of the captains below and request that they bring a Whales of Guerrero naturalist out with them. We charge 1500 pesos/$75 USD and require 5 days advance notice to make arrangements for our services.

The guides who completed safe whale watch training for the 2019-2020 season are:

Name Name of Boat Port of Departure # of Annual WoG Safe Whale Watch Course Completed Phone Number E-mail Address
Arturo Mellín Mandujano Briseyda I, Esmeralda I Barra de Potosí 7 7551047168 capitá
Orlando Bañuelos Nava Dany, Dany II, Dany III Barra de Potosí 7 7551001642 orlandobañ
Abel Cortez Zepeda Gran Jefe II Zihuatanejo 7 7555571093
Francisco Angel Pérez Chavarria KingFisher, Whimbrel Barra de Potosí 6 7551418511
Fredy Hernández Vázquez Leydi Zihuatanejo 6 7551200931
Adelaido Martínez Bello Irlanda Barra de Potosí 5 7551203976
Omar Zárate Herrera Black Fin Barra de Potosí 4 7551115934
Araceli Oregón Salas Tania Barra de Potosí 4 7551306829
Nicolas Oregón Conde Areli Barra de Potosí 3 7551080891
Samuel Nuñez Albarrán Cecilia, Sailfish La Majahua 3 7555532849
Avimael Cadena Bañuelos Shark Boy Barra de Potosí 2 5583535655
Carlos Alberto Ríos Hernández Picante Zihuatanejo 2 7551307838
Humberto Espino Escobar Sailfish, Aloha Zihuatanejo 2 7551028223
Maude Jette Luisita Zihuatanejo 2 7551023738
Abraham Bañualos Cabrera Ariel Barra de Potosí 1 7551365246
Wilson Abel Martínez Pérez Yanely Barra de Potosí 1 7551015241
Francisco Miguel Ibarra Martín del Campo Aventura Zihuatanejo 1 7555579787
Miguel Rodríguez de la Vega Besame mucho Zihuatanejo 1 7551007107
Sergio Jesús Torres Blanco Tunita II, Black Tuna II Zihuatanejo 1 7551026841
Julita Trzaska Chilolo, The Red Beanie Zihuatanejo 1 7551310998
Jésus Antonio Lara Salgado Jimena Zihuatanejo 1 7551042689
Cuahutemoc Cesárea Sánchez María Alejandra Zihuatanejo 1 7531022344
Etelberto Lagunas Mena (Representante) María Luisa III Zihuatanejo 1 7551005705
Ernesto Santiago Moreno Tormenta Zihuatanejo 1 7555576585
Adolfo Lara Esquivel Pescador Zihuatanejo 1 7555560358
Junior Fredy Hernández Salgado Capullo, Tripulación III Zihuatanejo 1 7551002479
Orlando Hernández Aguilera El Padrino, Tequila Ixtapa 1 7551023744
Frederic Bochet Mero Ixtapa 1 7551019672

Trained Zihuatanejo Whale Watch Guides:

Abel Cortéz Zepeda* (Gran Jefe II; English: Yes) – 755-557-1093
Fredy Hernández Vázquez (Leydi; English: Yes) 755-120-0931
Demetrio Torres Vázquez (Leydi;; English: No) 755-113-5436
Maude Jette (Dive Zihua; English: Yes)  755-102-3738
Ylenia Caletti (Zihuatanejo Dive Center; English: Yes) 755-171-4132

Trained Barra de Potosí Whale Watch Guides:

Andres Mata Banuelos (English: No) 755-102-7946
Armando Aguilar Vega (English: No) 755-129-6454
Arturo Mellín Mandujano (English: 15%) 755-104-7168
Orlando Banuelos Nava (English: 25%) 755-100-1642

The Barra de Potosi whale watch price is 3200-6300 pesos ($160 USD-$315 USD) per boat depending on number of guests, boat and captain. (8 guests max)

Drinks, safety equipment, snorkeling equipment are included.

Book a 3-hour marine ecotour out of Barra de Potosí (2-3 day advance required):

We are unable to accept credit card payments for the excursions. Please bring Mexican pesos to pay for your trip.